You cooked lobsters for a party and have some extras but donít know what to do with them. Here is a simple rule of thumb that I use. If you are planning to use the lobsters within the next few days put them in a plastic bag and refrigerate them. The plastic bag helps keep the lobster meat moist and tender. If you are planning to keep the lobsters for more than a week, freeze the meat in water and salt.

Shell the cooked lobster and freeze the meat

The meat in lobsters that are frozen in the shell does not keep its sweet taste. We recommend that you shell the meat and freeze it in water and salt. You may either freeze the whole pieces of lobster meat or cut the meat into cubes. Many recipes call for lobster meat that is cubed; therefore this is what we recommend. Use thick resealable plastic freezer bags or plastic containers that have a tight lid.

Put enough water to cover the meat entirely. A half-inch of water over the meat should be sufficient. The amount of salt depends on you tastes. As a guide use Ĺ to one teaspoon of salt to freeze one pound of lobster meat. It takes about four one pound lobsters (weight of live lobster) or three one and one quarter pound lobsters to make one pound of lobster meat. The meat will keep for up to a year. However for best results, the meat should be used within six months.

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